Martha Bryan Fine Art Photography - landscapes nudes

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Music from CSU Fresno in 1977. I first became interested in photography when I decided that it was impractical to count on making a living singing opera. I subsequently enrolled in the Radiologic Technology program at Fresno City College (also in 1977). One of the prerequisites for this program was a beginning photography class. Photography immediately became a very important part of my life, and I became very actively involved with the photographic community in Fresno. I was one of a small group of people who founded Spectrum Gallery, a cooperative gallery in Fresno, around 1980. At that time, I was working with medium-format color photography, and doing my own type "C" prints, manually in a drum with agitator (before the days of affordable processors). My early photographic work was in color, because I lived in a small apartment, without enough space to spread out trays for B&W. I did have enough space for an enlarger and processing drum.

My work was included in a number of one-person, two-person and multi-artist exhibitions at Spectrum, including a two-person exhibit with Martha Casanave in 1984 and a two-person exhibit with Edna Bullock in 1985. My work was also included in a few multi-artist exhibits at the Fresno Arts Center around that time, as well as a multi-person show at the Betty Garland Gallery in San Francisco. I was working with nudes, architectural details and doing some traveling, photographing in Spain and Peru. After a one-person exhibition in 1986 of photos of Spain, entitled "Passages," I returned to singing, until 1999, when my husband Geoff gave me a Hasselblad as an anniversary gift. I've discovered that I'm not really able to seriously pursue both singing and photography at the same time, as each demands a great deal of commitment, both physically and mentally, such that each area suffers when I try to do both.

I returned to the pursuit of fine art photography about 3 years ago, this time in B&W, and I'm very committed to making creative, expressive images. My husband built a state-of-the-art darkroom for me in the basement of our home in La Canada Flintridge, California (near Pasadena). My darkroom has sophisticated water temperature controls and a 1983 Durst Laborator 184 enlarger that I purchased from a friend. I am presently pursuing representation for my work, and I am very excited about several new projects that I'm presently working on.

I have had the opportunity to particpiate in many photography workshops, from such gifted photographers and teachers as Martha Casanave, Steve Dzerigian, Joel Pickford, Don Cameron, Ted Orland, Edna Bullock, Oliver Gagliani, Jerry Uelsmann, Judy Dater and Susan Friedman. I'm presently considering teaching some workshops myself, possibly in cooperation with other instructors.



2001 "Blanc et Noir" Solo show at Spectrum Gallery, Fresno, CA
1986 "Passages" Solo show at Spectrum Gallery, Fresno, CA
1985 "Variations on a Theme" Two-person show with Edna Bullock at Spectrum Gallery, Fresno, CA
1984 "Working with Figures" Two-person show with Martha Casanave at Spectrum Gallery, Fresno, CA
1982 "Spirit of the Andes" Solo show at Spectrum Gallery, Fresno, CA
1980 "All Truths" Solo show at PhotoSynthesis Gallery, Clovis, CA




"Powershifters: Photographs of the Nude"

Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA
2001 "Annual Print Auction Show" Spectrum Gallery, Fresno, CA
2001 "Members Show" Spectrum Gallery, Fresno, CA